Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hot Tea Month

I love tea.  I have always loved tea – it is my “go to” beverage.  It can be warming, comforting, relaxing, healthy for you, celebratory or just plain tasty!  This month is great for new beginnings or to revisit old friends (in the tea category, of course).  This month:
*        Try a new black tea like Assam.
*        Or go caffeine free with a unique and flavorful herbal like Roibos.
*        Maybe it’s time to detox with a Tumeric Ginger Herbal tea (always consult your doctor before detoxing)
*        Spice up your tea for winter by adding Cardamom to black teas.
*        Or bring in the tropics with a touch of lemon or orange zest to your tea.
*        Revisit an old tea-friend that has been in the back of your cupboard – I like both the dark Prince of Wales or a very light Oolong!
*        Experiment and enjoy hot tea all month long …

And speaking of new beginnings, I began the construction of the Simply Woven pattern from Moda Bake Shop.  And two blocks that are assembled wrong have been corrected (all corner blocks should be small)!

It is actually fairly easy to assemble, but a little time consuming.  I made enough blocks for a kid-size quilt and decided to call it a day on this pattern and change it up a little.  This won’t become a larger quilt, but it will make a wonderful donation with its cheerful colors.  

This isn't the final design (they are now in two columns, and I’m auditioning a border to bring it to the right size today, then into the UFO pile to be quilted!

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