Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday Sewing

I’ve been concentrating on getting a few more of the tops quilted from my on-line group’s retreat at Lake Tahoe.  I quilted up this one today using a panto called Simply Hearts.  Look at all of that lovely “reclaimed fabric” in those crumb block centers!!

And earlier this week, I quilted up this pretty blue one with a panto called Retro Leaves:

We had played golf last Thursday since the area weathermen were calling for rain and my husband wanted to get a little practice in.  There was a line at the golf course:
Cormorants being supervised by the White Heron
But we didn’t have to wait – lol!  It started out overcast and looked like Old Florida there for awhile with the wind blowing the Spanish moss:

But then the sun came out and it was a beautiful day – the sandhill cranes tried to give me golf tips but mostly they were concentrating on eating bugs:
Since this was a regulation course and I’m pretty much used to playing on the shorter executive course, I was pretty much pooped by the 14th hole – and apparently, so was this guy!
Wood Stork
You’ll notice, my golf game consists of a lot of nature shots – I assure you that’s because I don’t have much of a game.  But I sure have fun!

So does anyone else see the chicken in this cloud - it's facing to the right?


Kate said...

oh yippee! I recognize lots of those blue fabrics, and I think those star blocks came from BrendaLou - and I assembled the star top at Tahoe !!

So much fun to see them all quilted - thanks !

Anonymous said...

Love the leaf panto--both look good.

Ginny said...

I see the chicken but thought it was facing the other way- straining it's neck :)