Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday Summary

Another week has gone zooming past.  I finished quilting the Quilts of Valor quilt and went to my monthly QOV meeting on Friday. 

Then I went to a class on Saturday to learn how to make a 2-Hour Backpack.  A local quilt shop a little north of me, Scrap & Sew, offered the class.  I am making mine to give to kids in need.

Ha!  There’s no such thing as a 2-hour backpack.  We were instructed to cut out all of the pattern pieces and have them fused to the interfacing before we went to class – that took me an hour and a half on Friday night.  Then the class took three hours and we all took the entire time to make our projects.

this was the class sample

The above pictures are the projects made by two other participants in the class.  Don’t you love their fabric choices?

And this is mine.  I LOVE IT !!

I will be making more of these – it was great fun once you understood the pattern (parts of it were not clear/instructions not included but the picture was there/conflicting instructions, etc).  Good thing the instructor had made a sample because we referred to it often, but the process will go more quickly the next time.

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