Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

It’s pretty late and “today” is almost “tomorrow”, but I got busy quilting – you all know how that goes!

So, What’s Up with Today in History?

Today in 1903 was the first day that people saw the “Teddy” bear” that store owner Morris Michtom devised.  Michtom had received permission from President Theodore Roosevelt to use his nickname for the new toy.  Although the stories differ, it is often told as being based on a compassionate act of Teddy Roosevelt to save an adult black bear.  When political cartoonists later portrayed the bear as a cub, they were intending to show a sensitive side to the macho, he-man image of Roosevelt.  No matter how it began, the Teddy bear is now beloved by children and adults alike. 
This cute teddy is Brogan - Available at

Since I love Teddy bears, this is the backing fabric that I have selected for a panel that was sent to me to quilt up for Quilts Beyond Borders; it will be next on the quilting frame: 

And, here is a pattern that I bought at a quilt show when I saw and fell in love with the sample:
One day, I will make this quilt!

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