Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wrapping Up Loose Ends

Just wrapping up a few loose ends.  I had put the borders on the Trail to Treadleonia top and I think it contains the “wildness” nicely.
I then made up the lottery blocks that I had pledged for this month in the Mailblocks swap group.  There are actually five, but two are the same orange fabric.  I liked how this Maple Leaf block from the Quilter’s Cache turned out … I can’t remember making it before.  I wouldn’t mind winning the blocks this month (it’s winner take all)!

That’s it for another rainy day.  Our cable was knocked out all over the county last night – another huge electrical storm.  We had no internet and no cable TV channels for most of the day.  We sure are tired of it.  I think we’ve had more than our share this summer.  Oh well, time to think about dinner anyway!

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