Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day, a national holiday in the United States since 1984, is celebrated the first Monday in September.  Those who are lucky enough to get the entire three-day weekend off often celebrate with picnics, community/corporate events, watersports and backyard bar-b-ques (grilling on the barbie).  At my house, we are having pot roast using my grandmothers roasting pan that I inherited and love.  Non-traditional? Yes, but yum-yummy!
Smelling Good Already!
And speaking of tradition, Labor Day is seen as the symbolic end-of-summer and women often change over from their summer wardrobes to their winter wardrobes – and they stop wearing white (especially white shoes).  Here in Florida, that doesn’t make sense – it’s still at least 90 (33 c) outside.  I’ll just change over my quilts from light colors to fall colors instead – ha, ha!

This white whole-cloth crib quilt is in the collection at the Illinois State Museum:

While it is beautiful, I am unlikely to ever make something like this.  The Trail to Treadleonia is more my style for donation quilting and it’s what I’m finishing up today.  I have the borders picked out and ready to be cut and sewn.  I guess you could say I’ve moved on to “winter colors” for Labor Day!  These blocks were part of a block swap, so I didn’t make them all myself, but I sure do like them all together.
It has a few novelties and will have tiny stars in the border.
The pattern for this block is at:

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