Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Progress and Magnolia Facts

The “4 to 9-patches” that I have been working on are progressing nicely.  I was on a roll once I figured how to cut the pieces of the blocks that I started earlier in the year – I still have a few more to cut.  The two blocks at the bottom show two more colors that will be introduced when I finish sewing.

Then I’ll have to dig around in the ol’ stash and find some country colors for the borders.  I’m sure I have something suitable since I’m on a self-imposed fabric buying diet!

And now for the Magnolia Tree facts:
Magnolia trees are actually relatively pest-free and easy to grow and they are gorgeous with big showy blossoms, lovely fruit and colorful seeds.  In my area, we have both the larger Magnolia Grandiflora  and the slightly smaller Sweet Bay (Virginiana).  This is an example of the flowers we saw earlier this summer:

On my walk today, I took some close-up shots of the cone-like woody fruit that we are seeing now and the seeds that pop out of the cone as the fruit matures:

The seeds are a favorite of pileated woodpeckers and other birds.  Yes, they also attract those pesky squirrels that my dog has sworn to eradicate - LOL!  The red coating on the seeds is high in fat and often migrating birds seek them out for the energy boost.

And did you know that the flowers are not pollinated by bees?  Nope, they’re pollinated by beetles, so don’t be too aggressive in eliminating beetles if you have a magnolia in your yard!  You can find lots of information about majestic magnolias at

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