Friday, August 19, 2011

Box Finally Gets Packed Up

I’ve finally packed up the box with all six quilts to go to Wrap-Them-in-Love (WTIL).  Our Sunshine Quilt Guild (on-line) supports this group along with Wrap-a-Smile (WAS) – see the buttons on my sidebar for more info.

I may have already posted about the two Teddy Bear panels that are in this box, and along with those I added two more neo-natal intensive care (NICU) quilts and two larger child-size quilts for a grand total of six that are ready to travel to their new homes.  Now I have to finish up a few that are in the works and top off the box that I’m preparing to go to WAS.  Always something to do when you love to play with fabric!  These are in the current box:

Bound in Green

Bound in Red

I posted about the other two here with photos.  Happy Quilting!

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Pattilou said...

Man, you are getting lots done! Your finished quilts are very inviting. Glad that someone can snuggle with them soon.