Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Went on a Road Trip

Last week I traveled to Virginia to visit a friend and we went to the Virginia Highlands Festival in historic Abingdon (southwestern VA).  What a treat that was!! 

They had lots and lots of vendors, some demonstrating old-time crafts and skills.  And there was a lovely quilt show.  Early in the day, we toured the 1860 Fields-Penn House Museum that had rooms and furnishings as they were in the late 1800’s.  They also had a weaver and yarn-dyer within the museum that shared with us fascinating details about spinning and weaving and the herbs, trees and other natural elements used to make various dyes.  Her yarns were in many gorgeous colors.  The festival continues for a few more days – see this link to learn more and maybe sneak over there or go next year:

Shots of the historic house, vendor’s stalls, downtown’s pretty flowers and the trolley:

And some of my favorites from the quilt show:

30's Drunkard's Path w/ Applique

Applique Detail - TINY Yo-Yos

Beautiful Fall Colors

Patriotic Raw-Edge Stars

Tesselating Cats

Old-Fashioned Paper Dolls
More from the quilt show tomorrow!

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