Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another Top for Bev B

Continuing the memorial to Bev B – a dear friend and leader of the Sunshine Quilt Guild that passed away last year:

Yesterday, I finished up another top from blocks I was given that had been in Bev’s stash – Bev had the four big blocks and lots of little matching fabric 4-patch blocks - my job was to assemble what I had into a pleasing pattern and to find some similar or blendable (is that a word?) fabric for a border to bring it up to a good size for the kids that Sunshine supports.
The squares aren't as pink as they look here -
 they're more wine-colored.
Of course, I never remembered to take a block along when I was in a fabric store, so last week, when I saw this heart fabric, I thought I’d just wing-it.  The colors looked pretty close to what I remembered about the blocks and I thought the hearts theme would make it more kid-friendly.

This is the finished top – I think I did ok!  This one will go to WAS (see my sidebar).
A Big Kiss and Little Hugs from Bev B


Carol E. said...

Looks great! You are a success! Someone will love the quilt.

Several years ago we had a 4-patch challenge. We sent thousands of them to Bev. She made some fabulous quilts and very creative settings. She had to use her imagination or she would have gone crazy. Those 4-patches about did her in! haha. I wonder if those you inherited were some old leftovers from those days.

Threeundertwo said...

That's wonderful! The floral triangles work so well. Good fabric choices. What a lovely thing to do in her memory.