Sunday, August 7, 2011

Road Trip - Part 3

One more thing about my recent Road Trip to Virginia:
After we talked with the lady at the Fields-Penn House in Abingdon about natural dyes for fabrics and yarns, we were very interested in identifying local wildflowers in my friend’s yard and on our walks.  Fortunately, my friend had lots of the wonderful Peterson’s Field Guides; including Wildflowers, Eastern Forests and Trees and Shrubs.

We attached names to quite a few wildflowers, and I got fairly good pictures of the following:

We were looking for the tiny purple center that positively identified this as Queen Anne's Lace rather than Yarrow - it's there!

This is a Teasel - not to be confused with a Thistle (see below) - see the pretty tu-tu!

This is a Bull Thistle

This is Wingstem - I thought it was Sneezeweed, but now I think I was wrong (but I could still be wrong!)
And this is the easy quilt top that I worked on today, inspired by the various colors of flowers:
I liked all of the little kids in the border print - and I think words in English are OK - if it goes to a foreign country, they'll just think it's exotic (sort of like me looking at French!)
When I need something quick to get me back in the swing of quilting, I turn to the Ohio Star block.  These are 12 inch blocks  - to make your own, see the free pattern that Marcia Hohn offers on her Quilter’s Cache website at this linkI had this border print and the solid colors on hand and it just seemed to sew itself.  Great fun!

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Pattilou said...

I love the Ohio Star Block and the colors you've chosen are so bright and fun!