Saturday, August 6, 2011

Road Trip - Part 2

OK – I’ll admit that I’m a wanna-be country girl, but I’ve always lived in the city.  On my way home from my road trip, I stopped at two produce stands – one in Georgia that had peaches and peach jam and one in north Florida that had Vidalia onions, green peppers and beans.  I chopped and sliced and packaged up most of the above to go into the freezer so I’d have lots of fresh-frozen veggies for this coming winter.  So, what’s the problem?  I don’t know what kind of beans I have!

I was going to ask, but another customer was distracting the produce stand owner, so I never got around to it.  Are these the snap beans that my grandmother used to open along the “seam” with a colander in her lap to get the beans out?  Or are these pole beans that you just cook up whole?  Or something else?  I think I’ll just be blanching them and then cut them into small pieces to have cold on my salad.  Just might work!

And now, here are some more quilts from the Abingdon, VA quilt show:
Embroidered States, Birds and Flowers - Amazing!

Detail of one State

I loved the colors of this one - would be a nice Sunshine Quilt

I really liked "controlled" scrappy

Another with beautiful embroidery

I want to make this with my scraps - it's right up my alley

This lady won their Guild's lottery blocks and made this great quilt - reminded me of Sunnies

This was displayed outside so the colors aren't quite true in the photo, but it was wonderful
 Another friend here in FL wants to go up to VA with me next year – oh, boy! – another road trip … now we just have to find a sneaky way to tell the hostess to expect more guests … LOL!

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