Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finished Up a Top

I finished up the Frog Top today.
Oh, you didn’t realize it had anything to do with frogs?!  Well, check out the middle block … aren’t they cute?  Little frogs around bigger frogs.
This block was one, among many cute ones, that I won in the novelty block month and was the inspiration for the whole quilt!  Thank you, *S*, in the Sunshine Quilt Guild (you know who you are).  I loved everything about this block and couldn’t stop smiling at the frogs smiling back at me - so I surrounded them in their very own frog pond.  Now it’s in the UFO pile to be quilted for donation.  Hope that happens soon – the pile is growing!  These will all go to WAS.

1 comment:

SherryB said...

Kathy, it turned out so cute...who'd have thought my one block would be the catalyst for an entire quilt! Thanks for the inspiration. Guess you could truly call it your "ribbit" quilt (grin)!