Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

That grand harbinger of wisdom, the Farmer’s Almanac, talks about the Dog Days of summer – that is the period between July 3rd and Aug 11th.  In olden times, it was thought that the position of Sirius (the Dog Star) conspired with the Sun (in the same part of the sky) to make the days hotter and those hot days caused dogs to go mad, hence the Dog Days of Summer!
Some people (uh, ... dogs) know how to keep cool
Well, must of the USA is sweltering under unusually hot and dry conditions and many are driven to the brink about now.  We in Florida have had only our usual summer heat (in the 90s), but in my area we’re not in a drought.  In fact, one of my neighbors is planning to build another Ark - LOL.  We’ve had some especially wet weather for the last week.  And if you want to bring up old sayings again, it’s been anything from a “gully washer” to a “frog strangler” during some of these storms.  Today, the rain started at 5 am and has continued most of the day (pretty much the same as yesterday).  We’re soggy.

So in between thunderstorms (when I unplug the sewing machine to protect it from lightning), I have been working on my QOV Mystery Quilt.  The last clue came out last Sat and I’m working up the last of the stars:

Sure surprised me to see this develop!
And I polished off my fall colored swap blocks and got them in the mail for their Aug 1 due date:
each set has one 12 inch block, two 6's
and four 3 inchers - there are 7 sets in the mail now
And I’ve started a pinwheel and rail fence child-size quilt (I just have to flit from project to project!).  No photo yet – maybe this weekend.

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Ginny said...

Luv the stars. You sure are keeping busy.