Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th!

No, I don’t think that Friday the 13th is particularly unlucky – but just in case, I picked up a half-pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream at the grocery this morning to ward off evil – the French Vanilla ought to do it!

We did our best to work off the ice cream in advance yesterday when we played golf at a little executive course nearby.
I had received some new woods for my birthday and wanted to make sure my 5-wood was working properly (the 3 and 7 were doing fine).  And it was - except maybe for this shot:
Thank you, Caddy!
There were lots of little beggars on the golf course:
By the side of the cart!

Muscovy ducks everywhere
And since it’s been raining every afternoon (our usual late afternoon pattern), I helped them with a handout now and then from my granola bar (I’ll bet the golf course hates that!).

I’ve been trying to finish up some swap blocks and making pretty good progress:
Block called "Fair and Square"

Block called "Cathy's Campfire"
Tomorrow, we’ll be getting the last clue for the Quilts of Valor Mystery Quilt (#24), so that’s the plan for this weekend.  I found out that another member of my QOV group is doing this same mystery, so it’ll be fun to compare our results and fabric choices next month.

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