Saturday, October 19, 2013

Back in the Groove!

It’s finally time to get back into my regular routine and get some blog posts out there – don’t give up on me – I’m still blogging!

We went on vacation – I got bogged down with quilting a difficult Quilt of Valor (bearding on the backing) and just some good ‘ol inertia took over.

But now I’m back at it and I’ll catch you up going backwards.  Today, I sent off a box to Wrap-a-Smile with four children’s quilts that I made long ago (and probably showed here as tops with different names that I’m not going to look up now) and finally got quilted using different designs with my new computer.  Can you say “FUN!”?

First up is 9-Patch Posies with circular swirls and butterflies quilting:

And then a Zig-Zag with some kind of border swirls that I used in rows:

Then I *FINALLY* got my Round Robin finished with hearts:

And last is the Not-a-Maze quilt with retro leaves quilting:

And earlier last week I got one larger quilt sent off to Quilts Beyond Borders because they are winding up a collection requested by IRD for Syrian children in a refugee camp in Jordan.  I greatly respect parents that just want to get their children and families out of a war zone despite the hardships.  The quilting on this was called Denali:

The next post will be about that QOV that was giving me fits … stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Some really nice quilting patterns!