Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Quilty Weekend

I received a wonderful box from a fellow member of the Sunshine Quilters with nine tops ready for quilting that will get donated to Wrap-a-Smile.  I spent some happy time matching backs with tops so I could start my assembly line.

But first I finished up this little quilt, my first for Project Linus, and got it off of the frame.  I was given the top, backing and batting and just had to whip up the quilting part – easy-peasy!

Just a simple block design but makes a darling presentation with cute kid’s fabrics.  I quilted this one with stars and clouds.

And I got some cute photos from my niece and nephew in Colorado with the quilt that I sent for their second daughter (6 mos late, but hey! Who’s counting?).  They took a mid-year vacation with the girls to the beach, hence the beach-y theme!


Finally, on my walk, I tried to catch a picture of this stray bird swooping over our pond.

It has me wondering because it is in between the sizes I would expect for a Forster’s Tern (smaller) and a Frigate Bird (larger).  I haven’t been close enough to see if it had the orange bill and legs of the former.  But, he’s been back several days, so I’ll try again to get his pic. This is a Frigate Bird and I don't think my bird's wings were that V-shaped.  We'll see (maybe).
photo credit:  Carolina birds; Birds of the World, Dick Daniels
Meanwhile, I should have been watching my back because this guy has been known to stalk along side - see who's in the middle of this photo:

Always have to pay attention here in Wild Kingdom!

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