Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Having Fun Quilting!

I’m still test-driving digital quilting patterns and having a ball!  Since I have a bunch of very well made, perfectly square and flat quilt tops to work with, my job is easy (thank you, Beth!).  The digital design from this weekend was Butterflies:

And it was going so well that I got bold and daring and added flowers at the bottom few rows so the Butterflies had something to flutter over:

The flower pattern was called Romance by Anne Bright.

And for the latest top (still on the frame since we have those dratted thunderstorms every afternoon) is called Monkey Business!

One monkey is a full side view and one is hanging upside down:

We did get a walk in after the rain on Sunday but not yesterday.  This is my husband wondering why I am taking a picture of a triple palm.  Because it’s pretty in bloom, that’s why!

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Pattilou said...

What fun testing the quilt patterns. They look good. The palm tree is so beautiful. I think we lost quite a few this past winter in St. George, UT becausrpe of the severe cold. Guess those transplanted beauties don't really belong there. It was sad seeing them this past trip. Haven't been back to see how many actually survived. Big bucks to replace the ones that died.