Monday, May 12, 2014

Another Cute Finish

I can call it a cute finish because it’s not all mine!  This darling quilt was sent to me by a fellow quilter from Kansas who needed someone to finish it and send it to Wrap-a-Smile.  Sarah made the center and I added the outside red border to make it a little larger to last a tot just a little longer (although I’ve known teens who drag their blankies to college!).

Sarah made the first border with cotton seersucker fabric and the texture is lovely.  I quilted it with a digital panto called Simple Hearts from Legacy Quilting.  It's just hearts and swirls and is perfect because the Ann and Andy fabric has little red hearts on the white.  I’m just nuts about this quilt – can you tell?!!

Here’s the close-ups:

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Jess (a.k.a. Rosie) said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I love the Raggedy Ann and Andy! So cute :D

~ Jess ~
Everything Is Coming Up Rosie