Monday, May 5, 2014

Box Mailed and One More Done

I got the second box off to Wrap-a-Smile last week with six finishes.  I showed 4 of them in this post and one in this post, as the box was getting filled, and this is the last one:

The center crumb blocks had adorable fancy VW Bugs in the print so I quilted it with a digital panto called Groovin’ On.  Reminds me of the movie with Herbie the Love Bug (I guess that dates me …).  But it was fun to see the quilting evolve!

And this was last night’s finish. 
I had called it Soccer Frolic since the pattern came from a pattern the designer called Frolicin’ Frogs.  I used a digital panto called Square Dance by Ann Bright and I think the squares and rectangles looked really good with this pattern. 

I’m still keeping up with adding the bindings right away when the quilting is done and not letting them stack up … wonder how long that will last?!!

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Jess (a.k.a. Rosie) said...

What great quilts, and what a great organization to be associated with! Those are going to make a couple of children very happy!

~ Jess ~
Everything Is Coming Up Rosie