Monday, June 30, 2014

A Little of This and That

I was given a roll of inexpensive polyester batting to use for quilting Project Linus quilts for a LQS.  I tried it out today and it was just OK – not great by any means.  It was uneven (as to loft) and occasionally had tiny bumps or clumps of polyester that the needle would hit and break the bobbin thread.  Only a few times, but enough to make me stay away from this type of batting in the future.  The panto I used was called Asian Vines, by Anne Bright.  This is the finish (the local group does the trimming and binding):


Speaking of flowers, these are my flowers in bloom that make you happy looking at them:

Crepe Myrtles are thick this year


I was going to trim that Penta bush down to the ground because it was getting leggy, but never got around to it – can’t do it while it’s blooming so nicely!

I can’t say I am the world’s best cook – actually I can’t say I’m good at cooking at all!  But I made this Easy Italian Artichoke-Bacon Pie from a Betty Crocker cookbook from the library.  All of the recipes are under 300 calories – something I’m seeking out right now.  This was pretty tasty - a tiny bit spicy - good with a tossed salad (yes, I've been eating the dreaded lettuce):

And this was the little voyeur of the week at the Chemo Room. 
Little squirrel in the circle
I think she had a nest tucked in behind that giant staghorn fern.  I told her I was there with a Nut, but I really didn’t bring any extras.  My DH was not amused.  But he is doing well especially as he continues to put up with me!

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