Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Design Change?

It is so easy to spot an error after a quilt is done beyond the point of getting it fixed.  I was quilting this top for my Quilts of Valor group and oops!  Out pops the block turned the wrong way – now clearly visible and way too late to turn it round properly.  So now it’s called a Design Change, right?!

I made all of the half-square triangles to use up the leftover 4-patches from the quilt design we used last year.  Several other of the ladies laid out the squares on the design wall and sewed together the rows.  This simple top needed something to cut the linear aspects, so I quilted it with the traditional Baptist Fans to add some curves.  I won’t tell about the oops! if you don’t!

I turned this in last Monday when I was able to drop in at the meeting for an hour or so.  Then we went to my DH’s medical treatments – this was the view outside of the Chemo Room.

A little voyeur (a lizard) was looking in and wondering why everybody is sitting in the comfy chairs.  Little did he know.   I tried to get a photo of a little blue heron that kept going back and forth outside these same windows, but by the time I’d grab the camera, he’d disappear again.  I think he was a Disney creation, put there to distract me – it worked …

This is a lovely plumeria blossom – the tree was just loaded with them, but that photo didn’t turn out well.   Just imagine all of those splotchy things are pretty flowers 'cause they are!

There are some of these in my area, but they grow so much better a little south of us.  I met a friend for brunch last weekend down in St Pete Beach and had to capture this lovely flower.  PS  Had French Toast - it was great, but I won't be having it again for a long time ... WW is suspicious because I'm gaining and not losing weight - tee hee!

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