Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Non-Sewing Day

I volunteered to escort a little Flat Stanley around for a young Boy Scout who’s Mom is a quilter in Minnesota.  So they sent me a sample Flat guy and I colored him up to go visiting here in Florida.

Today’s visit and Kodak moments were in Dunedin, FL.  First a little background:
Dunedin is on the west-central coast of Florida bordering the Gulf of Mexico.  It is the sister city of Stirling, Scotland and cherishes its Scottish roots.  Learn more at this site:,_Florida

A few highlights of Flat Stanley’s visit:

Flat Stanley was first introduced to a Highlander playing the bagpipes, so Stanley had to try it out on his own set of pipes.

I’m afraid that poor Stanley wasn’t very good at it, so he decided to climb the Welcome Sign instead – can you spot him?

Then Stanley started to explore Dunedin – on the outskirts of Downtown is the Spring training stadium for the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team.

Right in downtown Dunedin there is a wall mural by Anna Hamilton on the side of a restaurant that supports the Dunedin Doggie Rescue group – Stanley thought he’d look good in a photo with all these puppies – check out the name on the mural – Dogedin!

Also right downtown is the old Railroad Depot where Stanley decided to climb onto the luggage cart – get down from there Stanley!

It was a very hot day, so Stanley ducked into the Orange Café that is located in an old railroad car … Stanley ordered an ice cold lemonade.

Then Stanley left downtown and wandered over to watch the boats go by on the Gulf of Mexico.  Since there was a stiff breeze, Stanley couldn’t catch a sailboat in his picture, but they were out there!

Altogether, it was a very nice day for Stanley.  I expect Stanley will be out and about again next weekend.  As for me – I’m pooped!


Anonymous said...

I hosted Flat Stanley once; it was great fun. I took him to a pep rally where he met Purdue Pete.

Ginny said...

You are so sweet! Am glad to see that you are a flat Stanley fan.
Too funny, GJ