Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Box in the Mail

This box was a little short on quilts, but there is to be a special showing soon of the various quilts made from the Nigerian fabric that Wrap-a-Smile received from a generous lady, and I wanted to get my quilt in the mail ASAP.  The fabric was distributed to those interested members of the Sunshine On-Line Quilters Guild to make WAS quilts.

The fabric I received was very exotic for me and in colors that I am not used to working with (red, lavender, brown and lime green?).  I figured I would go ahead and try to work up a more modern design loosely based on a pattern that used oriental fabrics.  I just eked out enough of the dark purple to make up what I am calling “Nigerian Abstract”:

Then it sat for quite a while … how in the world would I quilt it and in what color thread?

I finally decided to just go ahead with the off-white quilting in an Anne Bright design called Swirling Vines.  I was hoping the vines that intertwine would give all almost lacey look – as if you were peering thru a vine canopy.

I think it turned out ok, but with all of the close quilting it is a bit stiff.  I prefer my quilts to be cuddly!

And speaking of cuddly, these two quilt tops were sent to me by another Sunshine member, Beth in NJ, to be quilted and they are indeed very huggable!   They were ready to go so they made it into the box, too.

The first has the design called Animal Crackers and the second has Seascape.  The sneak previews of the quilting were shown in this past post.

What fun to do these cute novelty square tops with kid-friendly designs.  Quilting is great therapy for the soul!

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