Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stealth Operation?

Location:  Tampa, FL
Time:  Very early morning
Scene:  An empty parking lot

Act I:  A nondescript car pulls up

What's this?  Has someone been kidnapped?  No, it's the accomplice she has left her car to greet the new arrival.

Act II:  The hand-off of the goods.

WHAT?!!  You weren’t expecting the hand-off to be a bolt of fabric?

Silly me – didn’t I tell you I was a QUILTER and this wasn’t a back alley transaction of the “other” kind … this was a kind person delivering fabric that was offered to Quilts of Valor quilters at a great discounted price.  I bought a whole bolt to use as backings.

Act III:  The nondescript car drives away – everyone is happy.

Act IV:  Let’s see – how many quilts will 15 yards back?  And the leftover inches from the sides, top and bottom will make how many extra blocks?  I used to be able to do math in my head before the advent of calculators … LOL.

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