Monday, July 7, 2014

Fun – Quilty Weekend

I was able to finish quilting three kids quilts this weekend and start on a third.  What joy it was to have three days with nothing to do and no place to go.  First up is the easiest – the one I don’t have to trim or bind – that’s for Project Linus here locally.  Someone from their group made this top and I loved the fabrics.  Very traditional, like being wrapped in Grandma’s hug, so I quilted it with Hearts Surfing.  I should have taken a detail shot of the inspirational sayings, but it’s already been delivered so it’s too late now.

Then I did two for Wrap-a-Smile.  These tops are from the stack that was made by Beth in NJ.  Beth has lots of cute novelty patches, so I tend to pick one or two for my theme and choose the quilting design from them.  The first has Animal Crackers (giraffes, lions, elephants, etc) like you would find in a coloring book.

And the second has Seascape (with seahorses, turtles, octopi or is that octopuses?!, starfish, etc).

I am having great fun with Beth’s tops!!

We had to go to my husband’s chemo appt on Thursday because of the holiday, and the Voyeur of the Day was a bunny rabbit!  I was so surprised that I fumbled in my purse for my camera and missed him in the photo.  But when I saw the photo, there was a bright red Cardinal in the background, so I took another closeup of him and called it good!  Always something interesting outside of the chemo room.  Fortunately, only two more visits to go – yea!
Not a Rabbit ...

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Ginny said...

Love the Linus project quilt - quilted with hearts! And the cardinal - have had many of those at the feeder this summer. My favorite visitors.