Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Air-conditioning is a Good Thing

We are not in the Dog Days of Summer … we are in the throes of Heat Stroke.  The heat index the other day was 105.  And I am doing as little yard work as possible.  Does that mean I have more time to sew?  Not always, but I have accomplished a little.

Remember these pillowcases I made last Sep for ConKerr Cancer?

They had another challenge at the LQS and I made six more, but forgot to take their picture in my haste to get them turned in by the deadline.  These were the fabrics I used and they were cute as a button – take my word for it!

And every once in awhile (like every day recently), I get chased downstairs by the thunderstorms.  I have arched windows in my sewing room on the second story and lightning out those windows is too scary for me (and I have to unplug my expensive machines!).  This little rain cloud I can take:

It’s when the big ones roll in that I take cover!

I did manage to quilt this one for Project Linus:

The colors are much better in person – it’s a very sweet quilt in pastels.  The panto is Flora Wave.

This one for Project Linus is a Brain Teaser though … how in the world will I quilt this fabric?   The center is printed fabric, not pieced.

I’m only up to edge-to-edge pantos, no custom quilting, and don’t know whether to go with squares or bubbles or something wavy?  I’ll have to ponder it for a little while then bite the bullet and get ‘er done!

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