Sunday, August 17, 2014

Quilting for Others

I’ve been quilting for Wrap-a-Smile and Project Linus members, but I think I have been sporadic about posting the finished quilts and the quilting details.  Some of these may be repeats, but then I will be caught up, I think!

First, these novelty squares quilt tops from Beth in NJ for WAS are fun because I get to pick an inspiration novelty print and a matching quilting pantogram design.  It’s a lot of fun to go through my notebook of designs and find something new to try.

Here’s Butterfly Enchantment (details were shown in the last post):

Next is Critters with details:

And then we have Musical Notes (details were shown in the last post):

And last is Seashells with details:

And I finally saw that there was a printed ink overlay of flowers in the tough-to-choose Project Linus quilt top, so I selected a floral quilting design and it turned out fine:

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