Friday, August 15, 2014

Big Time Score!

A local quilt shop is having their pre-inventory clearance sale and I scooted up there today.  It’s my destiny to help the economy, you know!

I made out like a bandit!  For all but one of the above I got 70% off the price per yard for buying what was left on the bolt.  And that meant that I paid only $3/yard for $10/yard fabric.  I was so excited.  And the other piece was 60% off and the two panels were 50% off.  This fabric just feels so darn nice in your hands … I may have to fondle it awhile before I make up a few quilts …

And I noticed that I had forgotten to post a few of the sneak preview close-ups of the quilting I was doing for Beth in NJ for Wrap-a-Smile quilts.  This is Musical:

You can see grace notes and whole notes and the upside down treble clef – so cute!  These are part of the bunch that I am binding now.  I'll be done tonight and show them all soon.

And this one is Butterfly Enchantment – butterflies, of course and swirls for them to perch on:

And I have to include the Nature Shots of the day.  The first is the Woody the Woodpeckers that we have been watching.  These things are just so huge and they sound just as nutty as the cartoon Woody when they call.  First, this is how far away the snag they like to run up and down is behind our house:

This is a stock image of the male Pileated Woodpecker from Wikipedia.

I think I have a breeding pair.  They are just too cool.   And this is as closeup as I could get with my puny little camera:

And we’ve had so much rain, it’s been hard to get too many outside shots, but this was a nice sunset the other day:

That’s the fountain in the pond in front of our house.  Very pretty!

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Ginny said...

nice pics.. went to the quilt display down in Abingdon last week. If I can get my pictures off the phone will send; took pictures of the ones I liked best.