Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I’ve Been Working

I’ve been knocking myself out on a quilt that is much larger than I am used to.  I won’t be able to show it here until it is given away, but here are two sneak preview pix:


Odd fabric choices, huh?!  But I am happy with the finish and I’ll be sure to show the entire project later.

Meanwhile, here is the sunset reflected in the clouds outside my sewing room window:

And knowing how goofy I am, it won’t surprise anyone to know that I let some of the weeds grow from the birdseed that I put out just to see what plants come up.  This was turning into a beauty but I had yet to identify it – I was waiting for a blossom or something:

But I waited too long and the deer decided it was good to munch on …

Now I’ll never know what it really is – I think the deer just call it “tasty” – LOL.

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