Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy Day Today

Well, I guess I could say that it was a busy day yesterday, too, but that was just housework!  Today I was busy quilting and having my kind of fun...

I finished putting on the last two side borders on the Posies top and I have to say that I love the way this top turned out.  I see so many beautiful scrap quilts on-line but I definitely have trouble putting together scraps to make a pretty top.  I think succesful scrappers often use hundreds of small pieces so everything melds together and looks great (like Bonnie Hunter) - but I'm never likely to have the patience for that!

Or they have lots of scraps from one fabric designer (think Ami Butler or Kaffe Fassett), and all of the scraps look coherent.  My stash is just too eclectic.  I have brights and greyed-tones and reproductions (both 30s and civil war) and kiddie-novelties and calicos - all of those together just make for a muddy looking top.  I don't have so much of any one of those categories to make big scrap tops ... but I'll keep an eye out for patterns like this Posies one and keep moving those scraps on out!

Finished top and detail (all of the posies have prints
 - they might look solid in the pictures,
 but they have interesting fabrics):

Ellen, at Wrap-Them-in-Love (a non-profit organization), has an opportunity to send quilts to a neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU), and that type of quilt is great fun to make.  They are slightly smaller, so as to cover the isolettes that premature babies are first placed in, and work up quickly.  The quilts over the isolettes keep the lights and noises at a minimum for these more delicate babies.  I have worked with a LQS to make these before and have donated some locally.

I had some fabrics leftover from a previous quilt I had made for a friend's premie grandchild, so I worked up this fast rail-fence top today.  I also have a panel with these cute little zoo babies (called Bazooples by the designer) so that will be two NICU quilts.  I need to get some backing material for this one, since I don't have enough larger scraps to piece one, but I'll do that soon and get these on their way.
Needs ironing!

So I have been busy!

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