Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Post Office Mishap

I was going to mail my package of NICU quilts out yesterday, but after hearing the news I waited until today.  Unfortunately, some poor woman starting to park right in front of the big glass windows and doors of my local post office apparently blacked out with her foot on the gas pedal, and smashed the place up.

She drove thru the front doors and thru the dividing wall between the front lobby and the back work area - the car didn't stop until it hit the back wall.  Fortunately, all 17 of the postal workers avoided injury and the woman was taken to the hospital with only minor injuries (no customers were injured).

NOT a drive-thru P.O.
I've always had the best of luck with this post office - the people are friendly, the service is fast and my packages always arrive at their destinations quickly.  I'm so glad they are all ok.  When I went today, everything was boarded up nicely, and it was business-as-usual inside.  And you can ignore that part on the sign above that says to "Use the APC" - she took that poor machine flat out!

It rained today for all of 15 minutes.  It blanketed the area we're in, but at least the plants got to get their toes wet.  We're hoping for more rain tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I worked on another NICU quilt (I'm on a roll, I can't stop now).  Here's a sneak preview:

More tomorrow.

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