Saturday, June 18, 2011

International Picnic Day

Yes, today is International Picnic Day …

Do you remember the famous Hanna-Barbera cartoon character, Yogi Bear, that cleverly worked up many variations of stealing pic-a-nic baskets from campers in Jellystone Park to the consternation of Ranger Smith?  And his almost-as-famous humble sidekick, Boo Boo Bear?  Often Yogi spoke in rhymes and always proclaimed himself to be “smarter than the average bear”!

Over at Little Birdie Quilts, she made an interesting variation of a Picnic Quilt using old denim jeans and a vinyl tablecloth.  The object of the vinyl is to avoid the seemingly continuously wet grass in the Pacific Northwest, but it would also be useful to easily shed sand at the beach.

Where would you go on your picnic?
Jon Sullivan

Meadow, Mountains or maybe the Beach?  How about the backyard?!  Works for me…
Jon Sullivan

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