Saturday, November 5, 2011

Daylight Savings Time and a Quilt

It’s time for my regular rant about Daylight Savings Time.  I never miss an opportunity to display my misery about time changes – it’s unnatural to mess with Time!  You can read more about the origins of the DST abomination at this postI won’t bore you with it again!

But that having been said – don’t forget to set back your clocks tonight … and change the batteries in your smoke alarms.  Just my Word to the Wise.
I quilted the interior of the last of the tops waiting in line today.  This one still needs the borders quilted on my Viking that is in the repair shop and to be bound, of course.  I just did a simple meandering for the quilting – it’s a good strong design for utility quilts for children.

This is the stack that I have now waiting for bindings:
I might just have to take my Janome off of the frame and put it on the table so I can keep sewing.  It’s been dedicated to being on the frame since it is just a straight-stitch machine.  And it’s always a bit of a nuisance to remove it from the frame (and it’s very heavy).  I have to take off the take-up rail that runs through the throat of the machine and then have to get a wrench and take apart some of the rack it is sitting in since it is partially enclosed.
But if I can sew on a few bindings until my other machine comes back, I guess that will be making progress.  Attitude is everything and I’ll just have to pretend it’s an adventure!

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