Monday, November 14, 2011

A Designer and Gardening

I tend to gravitate towards animal prints when selecting fabrics for quilts for children.  You might recognize some of the artwork of Sue Zipkin because you can see her designs on greeting cards, paper products, scrapbook materials and other things in addition to fabric.  Aren’t these adorable?!
And this is Sue Zipkin.  Check out her home page and see her extra special, vibrant watercolor butterfly.
Two fabric lines that Clothworks has out now are Cool Cats and Froggin:

Click on the links under the photos to see all of the colorways and fabrics in these lines.  Sue and Clothworks are also sponsoring two free quilt patterns designed around these collections.  Click on these photos to go to a .pdf file with directions:

My own special animal was supervising my gardening this past weekend.  Here she is directing which overgrown flowers needed to be cut down and replaced.
And here are the before and after shots – I put in pansies for the winter since the local newspaper advised they should make it through the winter in my area.  Good luck, Pansies!

I also did a little cleaning up in the sewing room and ran across this beginning of a homespun fabric top.  There are lots of pieces cut out in various size squares and logs and I had started putting them together.  Apparently, they had gotten set aside and forgotten.  Now that I want to put them together I don’t have a working sewing machine – heavy sigh.  Maybe I’ll get the call tomorrow to pick up my machine!

It's a start!

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Pattilou said...

I hope you get your machine back soon! Your pansies look lovely!