Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Go OK?

So how was your Halloween last night?  I felt sorry for the kids in the northeast US that had to trudge through the snow and ice to get their traditional Treats.  We had a great evening and the night was clear and crisp after the early morning rain.  We had over 100 kids come knocking and some of the cutest little kids' costumes - really clever this year.  This is a shot of the dog next door with his Hot Dog costume.
My poor dog only got a Halloween bandana (well, maybe she was the lucky one)!

So to take my mind off of the leftover candy, I walked up to the drugstore (a mile up there) dragging my bag of library books (at least 20 lbs - ok, maybe it only felt that way) and back to the library (another mile) to exchange the books and then back home (at least 10 miles - oh, just kidding!).  And I found this book to distract me:
I might read, take a nap, and then sew a little today!  There'll be time to garden tomorrow.

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