Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I started getting ready today for the Big Day – for the uninitiated, that is Thanksgiving, not Black Friday (I like eating better than shopping) - by baking the traditional pumpkin pie:
And then the trouble started:
As I was putting the pie in the oven, the flimsy aluminum pie pan buckled and out plopped at least a quarter of the filling onto the oven door.  I was able to clean most of that up without toasting my fingers, but there wasn’t anything I could do about the parts of the crust that got covered in filling and then naturally got burnt to a crisp.  So I just cut the crimped part of the crust off.  And made another pie.  I’ll have to sacrifice myself and eat the ugly pie all by myself.  Not a bad plan …

But then I got an email that a LQS was having a volunteer event to make quilts for 19 local children in a marathon event one evening next week.  What fun!  Of course, I signed up.  I’ll be taking two kits that I had made up while my machine was out for repair.  This is one:
Aren’t those monsters cute?!  I've had them a long time and it's time for them to go to some little boy somewhere.  I hope to remember to take my camera to the event!

As Fall turns to Winter, may you and yours enjoy the blessings of Thanksgiving

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Pattilou said...

Sorry about your pie! We've all had some kind of similar happening if we've baked much! This year I tried a New Mexico Apple Pie from My goodness those pine nuts made it taste so good!

Love, love, love those monsters!