Friday, November 4, 2011

Machine Troubles Again

Once again I was devastated when the needle struck the plate of my sewing machine.  I had only had it back from the repair shop a few days and the shaft is still out of alignment with the hole in the plate ... so back to the shop it went.  I immediately sank into a deep funk.

Meanwhile, I had to stop into a quilt shop very near to my house (for mental health purposes only).  I was sure glad I did!  This was my first time there and I liked just about everything that Crafty Threads sells ... very dangerous to my credit card.

I had already started my Christmas list and the Lil' Twister tool was on it - and wouldn't you know that this shop sold them.   Just too much of a coincidence in my troubled state of mind.  I swooped right on it and I have begun cutting out 5 inch squares from my stash (remember my supposed austerity plan where I don't spend much? - well, at least I'm using my stash!).  And I can feel good that I can still accomplish something "quilty" related while my machine gets repaired!  The lighting wasn't good for this photo, but I'll post more pictures when the top gets started.
If you haven't seen one of these quilts made up, Moda Fabrics featured several on their blog:
The possibilities are endless!

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