Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

The beginning of the Chinese New Year depends on the date of the New Moon in Aquarius and can be anytime from Jan 21 to Feb 18th.  Today (Jan 23rd) begins the year of the Dragon … but did you know that there are actually 5 dragons?  Each Chinese year is named for an animal that rules that year and every animal of their zodiac has 5 elements associated with it.  This is the year of the Water Dragon – the others are Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.  The Chinese Lunar Calendar is 2,640 years older than ours and has a 12 year cycle with a different animal for each year – therefore the Water Dragon has not appeared for 60 years.

Babies said to be born in this year of the Dragon are said to be imaginative, full of fun and energetic.  They are doers that make things happen, demanding perfection from themselves and others.  Famous people that were/are Dragons include: Joan of Arc, John Lennon, Sandra Bullock, Salvador Dali, Mr. Rogers and Robin Williams.

If you like to appliqué, there is a darling dragon quilt pattern for sale by Needlesongs called Little Dragons Everywhere:

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