Thursday, January 19, 2012

World Travelers

I am not a world traveler, but my quilts for children sure are!  I am learning a lot of geography by following the Rotoplast Blog that documents the medical missions teams that are dispersed worldwide to perform surgery on children born with cleft palates and/or cleft lips.  They often partner with other organizations that you might be familiar with - like Smile Train.

Since the map of the world has changed so much since I was in school, I had to look up the location of the mission in Nov-Dec 2011.  That was when Rotoplast sponsored a Smile Train mission to the Republic of Togo in West Africa.
US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, visited there just last week (Jan 2012) advising Togo President Faure Gnassingbe during her visit that the US would be a good partner to Togo as they strengthen their democracy.
It is very heartwarming to think that a group that I am in played a small part in creating good relations by sending our quilts to comfort their children during surgery.  This is a photo from the Rotoplast Blog of a stone outside of the hospital in the capital city of Lome that pretty much sums it up:
It is no small thing that which is done out of love.
The current mission to Lima, Peru is just about to wrap up and the next mission will be to Chittagong, Bangladesh.  I know where Bangladesh is, but again I’ll have to look up Chittagong and follow the blog and hope to catch a rare glimpse of one of my quilts.

I send my quilts through the Sunshine On-line Quilt Guild.  This is my most recent work in progress (I’m back to working on something I started in Oct 2011):

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