Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting Around Blogger Glitches

I usually use Internet Explorer for my web browser and have had no problems with Blogger.  Until recently, that is.  They apparently have a know problem with some people having the ability to post photos on their blogs.  Well, the photos are my favorite part and I have been seriously disabled by the glitch!

So I decided to try another browser and see if I could get around the problem and I think Google’s Chrome has done the trick for me.  I think that’s exactly what Google wants to happen – do you see a conspiracy to take over the world?!!  Just an idle thought.

So here’s what’s been happening at my place:
Ø                  We played at little golf at the new year while the weather was good

He was a little one by the 1st hole -
I did not hit close to him!

Sandhill cranes right next to the cart path

White Ibis walking across the fairway
 (hasn't seen me play yet, obviously!)

I told the vultures I was just not playing
 well and they would have to wait ...

Beautiful hawk - was he just laughing at my shot?!!
Oh, you haven’t seen any golf shots in these pictures?  That’s because most of the golf holes looked like this:
Water here – sand trap there – trees, trees everywhere.  That’s what my day was like.  I think we took last place – my partner helped us stay down there in the hopper!  But we had more fun than anybody. So there.

Ø                  I started on the second Labrynth quilt for the Quilts of Valor

Ø                  I played with my Lazy Angle ruler and made a little quilt top for Wrap-a-Smile
the little black strip on the right
 shows the color of the binding

Ø                  I made a little racecar quilt top for Wrap-a-Smile

Ø                  I have not been watching what I eat or exercising in the New Year (that has GOT to change soon …!).

Ø                  More tomorrow on my latest new project (just a teaser …).

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