Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It’s Still All About the Machine

I went to “Bernie school” last night to learn all about how to use my new Bernina efficiently and effectively.  The instructor was great - I learned a lot of tips and now feel like my new machine is an old friend.   This class was about the feet (lots of feet) and tension and how to oil and clean the machine.  I also had a moment of “machine envy” for the people who had the high-class embroidery machines in the class, but that passed quickly because that’s really not the kind of sewing that I want to do!

I decided to try out some of the decorative stitches today.  These weren’t part of last night’s class since that will be covered next week, but I couldn’t wait.  I made a new placemat to put underneath the machine on my sewing table.  The old one was looking pretty ratty.
It's not really uneven - it's hanging
off the side of the ironing board

A few types of decorative stitches
that I might try when sewing on bindings
I will bind it tomorrow – another adventure on the machine.  I know I told you that she just plain p-u-r-r-r-r-s.  I still love that part.  So this saga will continue …. 

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