Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fun Class Today!

But first, we interrupt our regular blog posts to warn you to take care of your equipment.  I cracked up when I saw this sign in a quilt shop and it just had to come home with me:
That having been said, I very seldom forget to put the presser foot down on my mid-arm machine on the frame, but you know what happens if, heaven forbid, you do forget – you get the dreaded mess of threads with no tension on the backside of the quilt called the “bird’s nest”.  And of course, I was in the middle of quilting this bright little beauty when it happened:
So I got out my trusty seam ripper and got rid of the mess on the back of the quilt, and then proceeded to take care of all of the thread wound around the bobbin case:
Holy smackarolees!  When was the last time somebody took the little brush and cleaned out all of the lint, Batman?  I think somebody-who-shall-remain-nameless has fallen down on the job!  It took a little long while and some delicate tweezer work to clean this area up.  I can’t believe  I , I mean “somebody” let it get this bad.  Shame on me, I mean them.  Like I said, Take Care of Your Equipment!

Now, back to our regular programming:

I took a really fun class today on how to make the popular Bow Tucks Tote designed by Penny Sturges:

Class Sample
I actually made the Mini-Bow Tuck because I usually don’t carry a large purse and I think it turned out to be just the right size:
It was a small class with just four people so we had lots of personal attention (a plus for me – I’m slow learning new techniques!).  Annabelle brought her darling baby Singer to sew with and she used this cute fabric with old-fashioned timepieces (she didn’t quite finish her tote so I don’t have a photo of hers).

Cathy and Debbie did finish theirs – Debbie’s is the larger size and Cathy’s is the Mini.
Cathy's Mini

Debbie's regular size
 Don’t they look grand together?!  What fun …

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