Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Walking Again

Since I’m back attending Weight Watchers meetings regularly, I am also trying to get back into walking daily.  I have a serious case of inertia right now.  But I did get out for a little while yesterday and today both, so I guess that’s pretty good progress.  We had a little rain here last week and are expecting a little more this weekend, but I’ve noticed that our ponds are precariously low.  This guy has pretty long legs, but he shouldn’t be able to walk across the whole pond!
And I snapped this shot of a little shelf fungus because St Patrick’s Day is coming soon and I thought these would make nice condos for leprechauns – or at least shelters!
Here’s a before and after of a few begonias.  They were planted and then there was a brief cold spell and they were taking it hard.  Now some of them are actually recovering nicely.  I thought they were goners.
After cold spell

Bounding back!
But back to the quilty side … I have now laid out both the positive and negative 9-patch tops.  I’m pretty happy with the darker one and ready to sew the rows, but the lighter one still needs work.  Maybe more scrappy 9-patches.  I think I’m just trying to be too matchy-matchy.  I’ll work on that!
Ready to sew rows

Needs something ...

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