Sunday, February 10, 2013

Packing Up a Box is Fun

One of the rewarding moments of quilting for children’s charities is the time eventually arrives when you have a box-full and you're ready to send them off.  You know that these quilts will be a comfort to a child having just gone through surgery and you get that warm and fuzzy feeling.  And besides – they look nice all in a row!
One of the last things I do is go over each quilt with a lint brush to remove all of the little threads that cling and make sure there aren’t any uncaught parts of the binding, etc.  Can’t say they don’t need the lint brush - LOL!
This was the last quilt bound and put into the box of six.  It’s the Posts and Rails design by Judy Martin.  Easy-peasy to put together.  See this link for some color variations of this (and other) quilts made by others ... scroll down to the section called "from previous BOMs".  Very versatile pattern.
My box of quilts is destined for Wrap-a-Smile this time - for children needing cleft lip and cleft palate surgery around the world.

Bye, bye quilts – live long and help a kid prosper!

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Kate said...

So cool to see these all ready to be shipped! Love the rail quilt!