Monday, February 18, 2013

Math or Quilting?

When was the last time you spent time wondering about the Pythagorean Theorem? 
a)     High School?
b)     College?
c)     Never in this lifetime?!!

Well, I accidentally read a pretty good book last week.  Our library is expanding and the new construction has caused some disruptions inside the building, including rearrangement of shelving units.  When I thought I was continuing to browse in the fiction section, I actually had moved into non-fiction and I picked up a book about Sir Isaac Newton and the Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge.
Newton was the genius physicist and mathematician in the 1600s that we all remember from the apple falling from the tree and gravity discovery story.  The book discusses other noted discoverers of the time (before the work “scientist” was invented) and the advancement of modern science.   

The book had some intriguing illustrations describing the mathematicians’ search for patterns and eternal truths:
Do you see math or a quilt pattern in this page from the book?  I instantly saw the sawtooth border and the square-in-a-square pattern.  I guess it all depends on your perspective.  And they told us in school that we would use math in our futures … whoever thought they would be right?  Of course, these illustrations were intended to prove that pesky Pythagorean Theorem, but who cares?

Isaac Newton was also fascinated by the rainbow colors that are seen when light passes through a prism.  Well, I think it’s remarkable that I have something in common with Sir Newton - I love rainbow colors in quilts - LOL!

But now, onto what’s in the works here at Chez Olde Quilting Studio.  I finished up sewing the rows together of the Nautical top using the Warm Wishes pattern.

And I loaded up the frame to finally quilt the top that I used the Lazy Angle Ruler to make.  I found a cute orange swirl fabric for the backing and it’s ready to be whipped up tomorrow.
 That’s it for now.  I’m going upstairs to get a little more done.

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