Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Changing Sewing Room

The big changes in the sewing room continue!

The new machine/frame has arrived and is all set up.  I haven’t had the instruction on the computer yet, but I wanted to practice FMQ on just the machine anyway.  I loaded a large sandwich of good quality muslin to play on and went to town!  The top is being floated - something new for me to try.  And I took the photo when I was rolling the top up - I hadn't made it more taut yet.

I had to force myself to stop and try to put the sewing room back together a little bit.  It was just too much fun playing with quilting designs.  I will need practice since this machine is heavier than the one I was used to, but "practice" has turned into "play" for me ....

Two of the members of my Sunshine Online Quilt Guild are regional coordinators for Quilts Beyond Borders that will have a table at the big Houston quilt show in October.  We will all pitch in to help make kits for QBB to have available to give out to visitors at the show to take home and make up a quilt to donate to QBB.

Here is the start of my third kit:

I will cut 35 of these novelty squares and add 35 bright solids to make up a kit that will make up a top 42 x 60.  This is a great use of my smaller pieces of fabrics.  I am pleased to have these fabrics moving on and being useful.

And speaking of moving on – on my walk, I took a photo of these lush Coleus plants.  Why don’t mine ever grow that plump?!

Then I ran across this weed – another giant.  Now THAT’s what I can grow well …

Too funny!

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Ginny said...

Congrats- I know this must be very exciting. Can't wait to see the wonderful things coming off this new marvel.