Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another Box in the Mail

Well, if you don't keep up the blog postings, you fill another box with quilts apparently!  I have four ready to go to Wrap-a-Smile.  Our group was discussing how easy it is to work up lots of "girly" quilts and how it's harder to find good "boy" fabrics (without skulls - it's just not appropriate for tiny surgical patients).  Often the trendy comics-themed fabrics are licensed and therefore too pricey for donation quilts.  It just turns out that three of my quilts in this box could go either boy or girl since they're jungle animals or nautical.  But I'll be keeping my eye out for those boys!  These are in the box:
baby jungle animals


more jungle animals

3 Cats on the Brick Path - a bear to quilt!
Don't know why it got so messed up ...
This is the current WIP now on the design floor:


Kate said...

These are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love this grouping.. You do nice work!