Sunday, July 21, 2013

Having Trouble Staying on Task

I'm getting a new quilting machine and frame!  I'm so excited ...
I'll have my first lesson on the new setup this Tuesday while it's still in the local quilt shop.  And the thing is huge.  Make that HUGE.  I've been doing this to clean out some things and make room for it:
that dresser in the back will be leaving the premises
The mess is even worse now.  But my tabletop machine is still active and I've been finishing a UFO.  I need more fabric to add borders (can you say "shopping"?!).  And that light purple block in the dark star is making me nuts, so I'll have to rip it out and move it.  It'll take a little finagling since I can't just replace it with that dark blue square above it - that would put 2 dark blues together in the dark star, but I'm making progress at deciding what to do - it might take a Rubic's Cube puzzle person to solve it for me!
this will go to Quilts of Valor

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