Friday, July 12, 2013

Waterspout and Continuation

Waterspout over Tampa Bay last week:
 Amazing photo by Michael Peddington from:

I've seen small waterspouts out in the Gulf of Mexico and occasionally over Tampa Bay.  I'm sorry I missed out on this one that was seen by lots of people since it was visible from three main bridges in/out of Tampa/St. Petersburg.  It was spectacular and mainly stayed over the water.  There was some damage when it came ashore (a the term "minimal" is meaningless if it was your damage ...), but it soon broke down.

And the continuation of the previous post about the Indecision Quilt.
It has grown – thanks to all of you for the suggestions – I auditioned several alternatives and this looked the best:

This design wasn’t what I had started to make with the squares a very long time ago, but it had been sitting in a box for so long I decided to just go ahead and make something, really – anything,  with it.  I have a lot more of the square 4-patches made up so I might just get away from the preferred dimensions of a donation quilt and keeping adding rounds.  I’ll keep you posted!

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